2nd October 2017

Our Services

Our Services 

Everyone loves clean (risk free) online browsing experience. This is why Make Your Mart offer our services for the features and designs provided directly by the authors only. We do not believe in practice of makeshift arrangement for compromised codes.

We provide the cheapest offers because we are regularly in search of latest promotional offerings. These offerings are provided directly by the authors of the codes and best industry standard tools.

Make your Mart offers various plans to its clients. In addition we first create samples for evaluation, in the hope that our clients may get exact look and feel of our offerings. This enables to them evaluate and get our services for what they require.

Why to Choose Us

All the modules are directly obtained by the authors for our clients (if required by our client) and only charge for our services for development of the full project.

We do not place any impositions over our clients to host with us. Moreover; we educate and support our clients to take the right decision to buy hosting / tools. In the same way we offer them designs that are required for their business.

Moreover, we offer our services for website customization according to your company brand color theme (if you have any). In addition we use open source platforms that are widely used within the industry. These platforms are being provided for easy to use administration panel and optimized to meet your expectations to fill most popular keywords relevant to your products.

We offer Auto generated website sitemaps, for submission and verification with the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. In-like-manner you can direct us to integrate your site with Google Analytics and Google Search Console with optional conversion-setup cost.

All our websites made on a platform are easy to update with product descriptions, images and videos. If our client has chosen for a platform base, they can edit the content easily. Moreover they and add or remove media without any involvement of the service provider.

Another key point is, we only recommend world class hosting providers who are capable of handling large volumes of traffic and provides high end SSL certificates.

For More Details Please Contact Us. We will visit at your place to explain and guide you the whole process.

our services

Other Services Offered by Make Your Mart
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Other Services Offered by Make Your Mart
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