2nd October 2017

About the Project

About the project

As we all knows that these days eCommerce is growing up to the sky, this is because each of us have more important jobs then going out to the market in exhaustive traffic conditions and get our requirements. An eCommerce store can be a base point to eliminate the tedious task of shopping the needs. If you have a business and you offer home delivery to your customers, you can get rid of taking orders and writing them in your books. With the help of an eCommerce Store you can sell you product over internet.

If we talk about India about 30 percent population uses internet and it is estimated to rise rapidly, this had increased the eCommerce business opportunities in India and this is the reasons behind the growth in online shopping.

eCommerce business opportunities are always higher and in demand because the most of the population had started using smart phones/tablets & personal computers, especially in urban towns and cities, people are becoming more tech savvy and self motivated towards quality products. This increases the sales of the online stores because with the online store sellers don’t need to educate / describe the features and quality of each product in detailed and descriptive manner to every customer. This reduces the expenditure made on manpower to increase the sales. And this is the reason most of the existing business firms want to have their online store.

We offer you an opportunity to be a part of this life changing event. Probably you have tried to own an online store before but you dropped the idea because of expensive establishment costs, but we assure you; we have developed the whole system differently for configuring and launching your online store as per your requirement. We guide and provide expert suggestions to our clients about the whole processes so that our clients can quickly and freely own a full featured store at ground level price.

How we offer difference

If you look for a developer for an eCommerce store or website, you may get many options which offer monthly or annual plans; those offers are good until you are subscribed to those plans. It is because they buy the hosting plans for them and create different plans to provide hosting services on their hosting account. By this they have full control over the file system as well as the database which belongs to you. On event when you switch your store to your own hosting they offer the migration services for a charge else you have to continue with them at the cost they charge from you.

We create your store from the root at your hosting space (which is purchased by you) and provide you the full ownership for the data and codes. Moreover we are always with you if you face any issues (of course without any charge till the offered tenure described in our plans)

How we claim to be cheapest service providers?

The seasoned developing organizations have a vast infrastructure and several employs to serve their clients and in order to maintain their status and service quality they fix the charges accordingly. These services are required for high-end stores and websites that are engaged with heavy data traffic, but if your requirement fulfills small or medium data traffic you generally don’t need any high-end service for your website or e-store. Suppose if hundreds or thousands visitors are connected constantly to your website or store you will need more resources to maintain smooth operations of your portal but if the visitor traffic is less than a hundred visitors at a time you can choose the economy plans from the hosting providers. This reduces the cost of the development process efficiently. And this is the reason we offer and suggest our clients to get the hosting at their own.

We are a few members team who work 24×7 to provide our clients the best possible solution for any issues they face during the operations on their websites. We don’t have any large office or a team of highly paid employs; however we have the knowledge and perfection to fulfill our client’s needs.

Thus we charge according to our needs and infrastructure.

We encourage you brows our offered plans and identify the plan as per your requirements. Please feel free to contact any time of your choice, and we will revert with the best offers in shortest possible time.

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