2nd October 2017

About the Project

About the project

Man changes his methodology according to time. This system is called modernization. Today’s era is the age of the digital system. As we all know, e-commerce is becoming the more and more popular these days. This is because in this age of stress and strain people are finding it difficult to go to the stores for their daily needs, so they want that they get the things at their doorstep, E-commerce gives us the freedom to fulfill our important tasks by exiting this situation and gives the freedom to complete those important task by completing which we archive success in our lives.

For example, assume that your family is dependent on your help to go shopping in the market, and if you are not able to get time due to some reason, then you have only two choices left. First, you postpone all your work for a while, shop in the market. Second, contact any shopkeeper through any other medium and by paying it from any popular medium (like Online Payment / Cash On Delivery) and request the shopkeeper to deliver your order at your doorstep. This second medium comes in the category of e-commerce.

Website or Online Sales Center (Online Store / Mart) is a valuable and important part of e-commerce. This is because these days smartphones and internet users have experienced a huge increase, which is increasing day by day. If we talk about India, then more than 30 percent of the population uses the Internet and this figure is expected to grow at a much faster rate, There has been a multi-faceted growth in e-commerce business opportunities across the globe and this is a major reason behind the increase in online shopping.

The opportunities of e-commerce business will always be high and in demand, because in majority of the population, the demand for smart phones / tablets and personal computers is increasing rapidly in townships and cities, people are increasingly trending towards high quality products and growing faster. Understanding the technology is motivating them to buy online. This increases online store sales because e-commerce stores provide detailed information of each product in a descriptive manner to the buyers. Apart from this, customers’ privileges and discounts can be also managed selectively in these online shops. The online store or website reduces the expenditure on manpower to increase sales, and this is the reason that most current business companies / small or large businesses are going to start online stores / websites.

Nowadays discerning businessmen are taking advantage of this technical change in abundance. The reason for this is that websites or online stores provides full information about the services / products provided by them to their customers, and encourages the customers to make a on the spot purchase decision.

If you try to know differently, your website or online shopping mart works like a skilled salesman standing at the crossroad, who has complete information about your products / services and conveys the right information and proposes affordable prices to visiting customers to help you to increase your sales.

For the same work, the middle or upper class businessmen employs several salesmen on monthly wages, who can give only incomplete details of your product / services at a time. But your website / online store has the capacity to disperse information to many people at one time. By providing complete information, they have the ability to sell your services / products. Not only this, it also helps in doing different things according to your need. Visitors like your website / Online Mart – Customers can register their e-mails here, whose benefits come to you or your customers.

For example, a visitor – the customer has registered his e-mail on your site / store and if you are proposing a plan for the sale of your old stock, you will be able to sell your own offer by e-mail to some of your selected customers. If you do this work in the manner of traditional sales, then you have to bear some expenditure. But for the e-mail sent from your site, you have not to bear any expenses. You yourself can e-mail your offer to your chosen or all customers by typing a newsletter yourself.

Your website / store also helps you with full proficiency in discounting your desire according to different (selected) customers. As you can offer some discount or some item to your select few customers, for this purpose you have to list such customers and define the proposals / exemptions given to them. After that, your chosen customer can get that discount / offer without any extra effort on every purchase. For example, you can provide free distribution of free items / few percent off of their purchased items to customers living near your workplace so that you can increase your sales by adding new customers with you.

Not only this, your online store / website helps you to easily expand your scope of sales. As you move away from the city where your business is in, you can distribute your goods / services in other places in the state / country. For this purpose, you will have to make a service agreement by selecting your preferred distribution company, after which you can distribute the goods sold in the country / abroad by them. If you make your services available to your customers, then you can get bookings from your customers through your website so that your customers do not face any inconvenience.

You have different resources to promote your goods or services such as you can promote for free on social media (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Pinnate etc). Or you can promote your offers through services like Google AdWords. Such services also provide you the ability to select the time of your promotion and the geographical location of the proposal that appears.

The options described here are just names. Your website / online store offers you the ability to choose the entire business management option, depending on the type of business you need. We have collected these options and listed some plans so that you can make your business more and more beneficial for your business according to your needs.

We are willing to give you an opportunity to become a part of the changing business of this business. Perhaps you have thought or tried to start an online store / website before, but after leaving this idea due to expensive installation costs, we assure you that we are fully capable of fulfilling your ambition. ; We have developed the whole system in a slightly different way to configure and launch your online store according to your requirement. We do not only give you a website or an online store, but we provide you with information about the entire functionality and provide a new opportunity to guide you so that you can get the full featured website according to your business at the level of the land. Get an online store easily and easily.

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